Simple. Naturally.

Discover our solid wash pieces inspired by Ibiza’s natural magic. Simple, environmentally friendly and full of positive energy – for harmonious care, without any plastic, without any shish.

The story
behind La Concha

We are a small manufacturer from Weinheim near Heidelberg in Germany.
My idea – to make solid wash pieces – was born on my favorite island, Ibiza.
Unfortunately, this product is only occasionally found there. During my visits to
my favorite island, I offered my friends and acquaintances the homemade,
solid wash pieces. The joy and enthusiasm was so great that it was obvious,
to offer solid washes for everyone in Ibiza and, of course, in my home country.


Our unique solid wash pieces are created using a special manufacturing process in which we mix dry raw materials with natural oils without adding water and then wash them under water.
high pressure. This environmentally friendly process avoids the need for harmful preservatives, which benefits both our skin and the environment.

Pure Herbs

Our series with the natural scent of bergamot.
Body wash, shampoo and conditioner are available.